In the Center of Oncology Drobeta Turnu Severin the patient is granted free of charge under the ticket referral from your family doctor, hematology consultation for all hematologic pathology, both the malignant and benign one. Following consultation a plan of laboratory investigations, specific treatment, free prescriptions, medical letters, reports of illness, holidays and, if necessary, patients can be internal, with day care, and receive appropriate treatment, including blood transfusion will be established.


Patients admitted to the hematology department offered the following medical services:

Conducting consultations, investigations, treatments and other health care hospitalized patients,

The correct diagnosis and therapeutic management for patients hospitalized

Activities counseling for both patients and their caregivers

Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy,

Analgesic treatment, including major analgesic,

Palliative treatment (treatment of pain, anemia, nausea and vomiting associated)

Treatment side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,

Treatment of patients with Hemophilia through the National Hemophilia,

Blood transfusions and blood preparations,


Bone marrow aspirate,

Bonemarrow biopsy,

Pre-therapeutic evaluation / post-therapy monitoring,

Medical tests,



Medical letters, medical leave.