The antigen CA 125,with a molecular weight of 220kD glycoprotein is present in the epithelium of the following organs: ovary, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach, bronchi, kidneys, colon. CA 125 hasa major diagnosis relevance in ovarian serous cancer; it can also be used as a secondary marker in pancreatic cancer, as CA 19-9.

Recommendations for determination of CA 125:

– diagnosis, treatment and assessing prognosis in ovarian cancer. In the presence of a pelvic tumor mass it can be the distinction between a benign and a malignant disease process. In patients with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer this marker – CA 125should be evaluated every 6 months, along with transvaginal ultrasound performed every year for early detection of ovarian cancer.

– Suspected pancreatic adencarcinoma (2nd marker CA 19-9 after).

Method – ELISA.

Normal values ​​<35 U / mL

CA 125 cannot be used for ovarian cancer screening in the general population because of its lack of sensitivity for early stage disease.

Mild increases of the marker are met during menstruation, first trimester, various benign genital disorders (endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease), but also in other non-gynecological benign conditions (acute or chronic pancreatitis, hepatitis , cirrhosis, renal failure, autoimmune diseases, etc.).