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Aware that health is not all, but without health we have nothing, we have a new view on human life and we promote a culture that appreciates health. We offer anyone , regardless of their age and occupation, clinical and specialty exams, general and specific lab investigations, meant to prevent any disease, to establish a diagnosis and set an appropriate therapy.

The end purpose of our health-care services is to resolve all medical problems that a patient might have, to offer a maximum degree of comfort and to improve the patient’s quality of life by accurately diagnosing him or her as early as possible and deciding the right therapy.

Privire Generala

Centrul de Oncologie Drobeta Turnu Severin, primul centru oncologic privat din judetul Mehedinti este compus din 3 compartimente principale.

A. The Drobeta Turnu Severin Medical Oncology Clinic, where all patients get specialty medical consults , all free of charge for patients that have any type of oncological and hematological diseases. In this unit there are 25 beds for day-time admittance, in salons of 2 or 3 beds, a closed pharmacy to provide the drugs needed for the treatments, medical analysis laboratory and a blood transfusion unit. All these facilities allow the cancer pat

B. The medical tests laboratory : all tests are free for our patients, and we offer tests needed to establish an appropriate therapy line : CBC, creatinine, urea, GOT, GPT, urine exam.

We do the following tests::
- tests used to establish the diagnosing of anemia, total iron binding capacity, Vit B12
- tests used to monitor blood coagulation and to monitor anti- clotting treatment : TP, APTT, fibrinogen, TT, INR, DDimers
- tests used to determine if a patient has cancer and used to monitor patients with confirmed diagnosis, tumor punctures, pleural punctures, pericardium punctures, bone biopsy followed by a cytological exam, bone punctures, tumor markers.

C. Homecare services: Our clinic, together with Ambulator Care SRL, offer all patients admitted in the clinic treatment at home. This facility allows us to administer insured patients oncology treatment, for free, if patients are unable to move and/or require a special kind of treatment.

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